WOD Monday 20171204

Squat Program Tip:
Today we go for 5 reps at our previous 1-rep Max. If you have been following your recovery protocols (eating well and eating enough, getting your sleep, staying hydrated, and stretching your legs and hips regularly), you should be more than capable of hitting these reps. You have not only developed physical strength, but also your mental strength in knowing you can lift these higher percentage weights. We’ve made the increases over the last 6 weeks and we will continue to increase for a few more. Check in with your body before, during, and after today’s sets to see how you are feeling and be honest with yourself about how you’ve been recovering. Take breaks when needed, but try to get those heavy reps done today. You put in the time and effort; continue to reap the rewards!

Back Squats

Reverse Jackie
30 Pull Ups
50 Thrusters 45/35
1000m Row