WOD Monday 20171105

Squat Recovery Tip:
Sleep. Do you get enough of it? Do you do it well enough? Sleep is your body’s best chance to recover from everything you do in life, including your workouts. 7 hours a night should be the LEAST amount of sleep you are trying to achieve, 8-10 would be optimal. When you sleep, your body can focus on repairing and rebuilding tissues you’ve used during workouts by more efficiently breaking down dietary nutrients. Ways to get more, deeper sleep? Sleep in a dark, quiet room, no caffeine 6-7 hours before bed, no alcohol 3-5 hours before bed, turn screens off at least an hour before bed, and get into a routine each night at the same time.

Back Squats

Cal Row
Power Snatch 95/65
Cal Bike
Clean and Jerk 95/65