WOD Friday 20171117

Squat Program Tip:
But seriously, have you been stretching?? Other than the Animal Crawl and the Perfect Stretch, we have a bunch of great stretches that can help your recovery game. Yoga on Thursday evenings and Strong & Stretchy on Sunday mornings are great classes to find poses that help your body relax and mobilize. One specific pose we want to talk about today is the Couch Stretch. This is a great pose to stretch your quads and hip flexors. Using a couch, an ottoman, your bed, or something of similar height, rest your toe on top of the structure and place your knee on the floor. With your opposite leg, step out and try to make right angles at the floor with your foot and at the knee. Spend some time in this stretch, breathing and trying to relax the muscles as much as possible. Start with counting to 30 on each leg two times through, and work your way to counting to 60 each time. To increase the potency, twist your torso away from leg on the couch. Try this each night before bed and your legs will thank you.

Back Squat

8 Rounds
:20 Back Squats 45/35
:10 Rest
:20 Double Unders
:10 Rest