WOD Saturday 20171021

Open Gym 8:30-10am
TeamWOD 10-11am

Open Gym 8-9am
StrongFit 9-10am
Strong & Stretchy 10-11am

With the CrossFit Open happening in a few months, we wanted to give athletes a chance to work on skills that will serve them during the 2018 Open and beyond. A great way to do that is by redoing Open WODs from previous years (2011-2017).

Our focus on Sundays won’t be on what your score was the first time and how to beat it or key movements that define an athlete’s ability to go scaled or Rx. Instead, we will focus on a game plan and mindset for each workout. This allows you to practice that game plan and mindset well in advance of when you’ll want to perform at your best — during the Open.

Knowing how to approach a WOD so you can maintain your intensity throughout will serve you in the gym year round. Knowing how to focus on your breath to slow your heart rate and stay calm will serve you in life year round.

Join us, Coaches Jared and Alison, on Sundays at 10am from this week into February to work on the mental part of CrossFit along with getting in a great weekend workout!