Recovery Day Thursday 20170615

What do you do with the other 23 hours of the day to improve your fitness? If you are in the gym for an hour a day, you have 23 hours left to get better. The time spent in the gym is much smaller compared to your time out of it; spend it wisely! Being mindful of what you do while away from the gym will impact your performance, health, and wellbeing. Nutrition, sleep, mobility, posture, attitude, perspective, outlook, tone of voice, your reactions to situations; these are just a few of the things you can control in those other 23 hours. Even if you don’t make it to the gym, those 23 hours are still there. How are you making the best of it?

Recovery Day

Open Gym 5-6am
Open Gym/Oly Lifting 4-6pm
ROMWOD 6-7pm