Recovery Day Thursday 20170601

It’s the first of the month, and Coach Jared is back with another mindset tip for your next workout:

The point of the daily WOD is not to go RX. Let me say that again, the point of the daily WOD is not to go RX.

Every day the workout programmed has a desired stimulus. The movements and weights deemed “RX” for any particular workout are meant to be a goal to aim for. Just because an athlete can do the workout RX doesn’t mean that they should.

Oftentimes athletes get caught up on having RX written by their name on the whiteboard, jeopardizing safety, proper movement, and intensity for two little letters. There should never be any shame in scaling a workout. We scale to maintain the desired stimulus and most importantly prevent injury.

Remember the number one goal is to remain safe so you can fitness.

When determining whether or not to scale, ask one of your coaches what the desired time domain and stimulus for the workout is. For example if the workout is 30 thrusters for time at (135/95), the desired time domain would be sub 5 minutes, probably even shorter. The athlete shouldn’t be taking more than 5 minutes to complete a workout like that just because they can do thrusters at that weight. Scaling the weight down and attacking the workout for the desired stimulus will further your fitness progression more than doing the workout RX and taking twice as long to do it.

There’s a time and place for attempting workouts RX and those are benchmarks workouts and competition, such as a local comp or The Open. Those workouts are ones that athletes will do multiple times during their training to test how far their fitness has come.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying you have to scale all workouts. This is for when you aren’t sure on how to attack the workout. So the next time there is a workout you aren’t sure is one you should go RX on, ask one of your coaches what the desired stimulus is and they can help determine how to best attack the workout.

Bring a Friend Week has been awesome so far! Keep bringing those friends and family through Sunday!

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