Recovery Day Thursday 20170316

Recovery Day News

Tomorrow evening we will be heading to Short Stack Eatery downtown for a late night brunch after everyone is finished with their 17.4 workout. This is an annual tradition, which we’ve bumped forward a week due to next week’s 17.5 Party.

Speaking of which, make sure you are available next Friday evening for the 17.5 Open Closing Celebration Party! There will be a DJ, snacks and beverages from some of your favorite local restaurants, and plenty of excitement. All 17.5 heats will be run that evening from 4:30-10pm, meaning we will not have any AM or noon classes. Even if you aren’t registered for The Open, come workout then celebrate everyone’s achievements from the 2017 CF Open.

Open Announcement 17.5 is next week in Madison at the Monona Terrace on Thursday 3/23. If you weren’t able to get a ticket for the event but still want to attend, there is a volunteer opportunity. They are looking for assistant in score recording, ticketing, medical, and equipment setup and teardown. If interested send us an email with your name, email address, and the area you would like to assist.

Recovery Day
Open Gym 4-6
Yoga 6-7
17.4 Announcement Viewing 7-8