WOD Saturday 20170211

Our Whole30 Ladies retested the Tabata Something Else WOD during Thursday’s Open Gym in a Spandex Takeover. Not only did they overcome the rigors of strict dieting for 30 days, but they banded together, supporting each other during victories and struggles. They finished things off with a bootyshorts WOD, a first for a few of them, showing the confidence a group can gain together. Great work, Connex Ladies!

It looks like Coach Jared and Wes won our Connex Crush Challenge and will be designing our TeamWOD this morning. Come hungry for a good partner WOD!

Open Gym 8:30-10
TeamWOD 10-11

Open Gym Sunday 10-12
Coaches Alison and Jared would like to try out a special hour session during Open Gym, come in and see what it’s all about.