Recovery Day Thursday 20170202

It’s time for the Connex Crush Challenge!!! 👯
First things first – grab your gym crush. Whether it’s your gym buddy that you adore or someone who’s squat form makes you go 😍. It’s teams of two, MM / FF / MF.

Next, you and your crush have 1 week to complete the challenge. That means by gym close on Thursday 2/9 your results must be on the white board by the office.

What’s the challenge?
1 min max effort wall balls
1 min max effort burpees
1 min max cals on assault bike

You each get the full minute for each movement, the minutes must be completed in the same class/open gym hour but you determine your rest. And while you don’t have to complete the challenge side by side with your crush, it helps motivation for sure! Open gym times are great for this challenge – there’s time tonight from 4-5:30.

One other rule, all of your reps must be judged by another Connex athlete – not your gym crush.

The winning team of the CCC gets to grab their coach of choice to help program the Valentine’s team WOD on 2/11. 💚💚💚
So grab your Connex crush and get after it!

Open Gym 4-5:30
Yoga 5:30-6:30
Oly Lifting 6:30-7:30