Recovery Day Thursday 20170119

Who is signing up for The Open?? Your Connex Coaches want to encourage you to sign up and participate with the entire worldwide CrossFit community by testing your fitness. For each Connex athlete who signs up for the Open, your Coaches will complete that many reps of their weaknesses. Cherise will do pull ups, Alison will do dips, Michelle will do 5 double unders, Jared will do a thruster and a bar facing burpee, and Bryan will do a heavy thruster and a handstand push up. In addition to their weaknesses, for each Connex Athlete who registers, they will do a relay of 5x as many Calories on the Assault Bike. Help your Coaches and yourselves battle weaknesses by signing up. Ask your Coaches or some of our veteran athletes for more details about the Open.

Recovery Day
Open Gym 4:00-5:30
Yoga 5:30-6:30
Oly Lifting 6:30-7:30