WOD Saturday 20161216


Make sure to check out our Instagram to learn a bit about all of our awesome Connex Coaches.

In-house Competition registration is open at http://www.crossfitconnex.com/competition. Come up with an awesome team name with your partner and get ready to throw down; less than a month away! Standards have been posted for Bodyweight movements and Barbell movements. Barbell standards are a guideline for performing multiple reps of the respective movement; register according to whether you can do multiple reps at the give weights as opposed to a one-rep max. This is going to be a fun event for all!!!

Reminder to wear your Connex or Connex colored (black and neon green) gear to Open Gym today for a yoga pose and stretch photo session.

If the snow continues to fall and the roads aren’t in good conditions, please make the smart decision before heading to the gym. There are plenty of Hotel WODs you could do in the comfort of your own home!

Open Gym 8:30-10
TeamWOD 10-11