Recovery Day Thursday 20161201


Open Gym 4-5:30
Yoga 5:30-6:30
Oly Lifting 6:30-7:30


It’s that time of year again! The temperature is dropping and the snow is starting to fall. Be careful in the parking lot as it may be slippery. We will try to keep the lot salted, but please be cautious when entering and exiting the building!

Also, December brings the ROWING CHALLENGE!! Here’s how it works; before or after each regularly scheduled CrossFit WOD class, you can row 3 minutes for Max Cals on the rower, keep a running tally of cals rowed on the PR/goal whiteboard, at the end of the month, the Male and Female with the most Cals rowed will receive a fabulous prize! This is a great chance to improve your rowing abilities and work off some of those holiday treats.

In January we are looking to have a Wildtree Workshop. We will likely use a meeting room at the HyVee Grocery Store in Fitchburg for the gathering and to learn a bit about ‘Make-Ahead’ meals. The ingredients will be prepped and ready for marinating and seasoning, you will learn some new recipes that cover a range of dietary choices, and leave with a week or two of prepped meals for you and your family. A sign-up sheet will be posted on the bulletin board at the entrance of the box for you to mark down if you are interested in the workshop!

Mark you Calendars! Friday, December 23rd will be our Holiday 12 Days of CrossFit WOD. This is an annual tradition where we all partake in the 12 Days of CrossFit WOD then head out for dinner and drinks and have our Dirty Santa/White Elephant Gift Exchange! You won’t want to miss out on this grueling…I mean fun workout, and an awesome community event!

Finally, with the end of the year approaching, we want to thank all of our awesome Connex Members for a great 2016. We have added class times and are looking to add some more. We have added some new equipment and look to provide more and newer equipment in 2017. We are adding new coaches into our regularly scheduled classes and are continuing our education to provide the best training in Madison. On January 1st, we will be increasing membership prices by $15/month. Unlimited Monthly rates will be $165, 6-month $155, 12-month $145, and Punch Cards $170; all discounts will still carry over and paid-in-full memberships will still receive 10% off. Prior to the change in calendars, we are offering a chance to lock in 2016 pricing to all current and new members. If you are currently on a month-to-month membership and would like to upgrade to a long-term membership at 2016 prices, please email us. For those with current long-term memberships that expire months into 2017, your pricing will still be as is until the membership is up; if you would like to extend your membership, please let Coach Bryan know. For new members, contact us to schedule a time for an Intro Class and OnRamp Course and get your membership ready for the New Year.