WOD Monday 20161010


Congrats to Cherise and Brandon for winning the September Push Up Challenge! They each won a 60-min Float Session at Float Madison. We will host regular monthly challenges, so get ready for December’s challenge.

Also, the Brosius Housewarming/Tailgate Party is this Saturday. Make sure to check out the invite on the whiteboard for further details.

Final note, all Connex Members have been invited to Christy and Wes’s wedding. if you are planning to attend, please RSVP to their wedding site (listed on their invite on the whiteboard) by Saturday. The wedding is November 5th.

15min to work to heavy 3 rep Thruster

Max Effort Set Thrusters 115/75
*Rest until 5:00 on clock
Max Effort Set Thrusters 95/65
*Rest until 10:00 on clock
Max Effort Set Thrusters 75/55