Recovery Day Thursday 20160901


Congrats to Michelle, Jared, and Cherise on successfully completing their CrossFit Level 1 Course!! Make sure to get them a high five next time you see them.

Recovery Day

Open Gym 4-6
SUP Yoga at Wingra Boats 6-7

The weather looks great today. As always check our Facebook page for the final call.

It’s September 1st and you know what that means….100 Day Burpee Challenge begins today!! The goal of the challenge is to do an additional Burpee every day for 100 days (today is 1, tomorrow is 2, so on and so forth). They can be done all at once or spread out throughout the day.

Another challenge that starts today (well, actually tomorrow) is the September Push Up Challenge. Anytime you come in for a CrossFit WOD (Oly Lifting, Open Gym, and Yoga do not count, sorry) you will have 30 seconds to complete as many strict push ups as possible. You will need a judge to make sure your chest touches the floor and your elbows are fully extended at the top for the reps to count. We will keep score on the Goal/PR board, and the top man and woman who accumulate the most push ups by the end of the month will win a fabulous prize!

Mark your calendars for Saturday September 17th! We will be holding a 1-year Anniversary Cookout after the TeamWOD. This is a celebration of your efforts over the past year and a thank you for being an amazing community. Feel free to bring a dish to share and your favorite beverages. Proteins will be provided.