WOD Wednesday 20160727


New Thursday Schedule for the Remainder of the Summer!
Open Gym will go from 4pm-6pm. Yoga will now be Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga!
This week we will plan on meeting at Wingra Boats just off Monroe Street (824 Knickerbocker St, Madison, WI 53711) at 6pm. SUP rental is $16 for the hour, so make sure to bring some cash. This is a great way to relax out on the lake and enjoy the summer weather while getting some work on balance and flexibility. Alison will lead a relaxing instruction. Even if you’ve never been on a SUP before, you’ll want to try this out! Make sure to check the Facebook page for weather cancellations.

3 Rounds NFT
15 Handstand Push Up
15 KB Deadlift 70/54

Hang Cleans 115/75
Ring Dips

July Nutrition Challenge Tip of the Day:
The four weeks is almost up and our benchmark retest is on Saturday, but that doesn’t mean you need to revert back to your old ways. This is about lifestyle change, not just a 4 week crash diet. The healthy habits we’ve discussed through the tips of the day are meant to instill a new mindset on food and healthy living. You can survive (and thrive) without frequent trips to fast food restaurants or drinking alcohol every night. I’m not saying you can never eat ice cream again, but be mindful of your eating habits. Make good choices about what you eat and drink more often. If you have eliminated certain food groups (grains, dairy, etc.) out of your regular diet over this past month, take your time reintroducing these back in. Take note of how your body reacts to certain amounts of each. If adding cheese onto a burger doesn’t show ill effects, but a glass of milk gives you terrible stomach cramps, you can start to set your limits. Buying and eating food shouldn’t just be a mindless activity; food is fuel. Help your mind and body by making nutritious choices.