WOD Wednesday 20160713


20min AMRAP
100 Wall Balls 20/14
75 KB Swings 54/35
50 Plate Burpees 45/25
25 Pistols

July Nutrition Challenge Tip of the Day:
Thirsty? Drink water. Hungry? Drink water. If you feel hungry within an hour or 2 after a meal, it’s more likely that you are in need of liquids, preferably water. Keeping your body hydrated is key for proper digestion, to keep your energy levels up, and to provide you with proper cooling during your workouts via sweat. A good rule of thumb for staying hydrated is to drink a liter of water for every 40lbs of body weight (a 160lb person would drink 4 liters a day). Water is the best for hydration, not sports drinks. Those ‘sports’ drinks are overloaded with sugar and are just as bad as soda. If you are worried about your electrolytes, add salt to your food.