WOD Tuesday 20160726


3 Rounds NFT
Max Effort Pullups
30sec High Plank Hold

3 Rounds
15 Back Squats 155/105
15 Cal Row

July Nutrition Challenge Tip of the Day:
Worried about your grocery bill being too high because you are eating healthier? With all of the organic produce, grass-fed and pasture raised proteins, and all-natural products more likely entering your shopping cart, the bill can truly add up. One of the best quotes I’ve seen in regards to this is “Farm now or pharm later.” By taking a preemptive approach to health and wellness through your diet, you are less likely to develop metabolic diseases and issues that require pills and medications. By controlling/lowering your intake of less-than-optimum foods, you set yourself up for a better life down the road. If you’re worried about how these groceries affect your pocket book right now, think of the money you can save if you aren’t going out to eat so often, or by cutting your alcohol budget how much you can save. Not to mention the money saved, and amazing health benefits, of cutting out cigarettes. Try to think about the alternatives when deciding whether to buy a pack of sweets versus that pack of apples; you’d be surprised at how similar the pricing is when buying whole foods compared to junk; it is well worth it.