WOD Tuesday 20160712


800m Plate Carry 45/25

100 Toes to Bar
*3 Push Ups each time you drop off the bar

July Nutrition Challenge Tip of the Day:
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This idea is sometimes mistaken. We think of breakfast as the meal we eat right after waking up, but what about those who don’t eat breakfast at the traditional time? The idea of breakfast was to be the first meal after waking; it doesn’t need to be immediately after you wake up. So breakfast being the most important just means your first meal of the day is what starts your metabolism-so make it a good one. Have high-quality protein and fat like free range eggs or chicken and avocado, add some greens like spinach or brocolli, and include a piece of fruit or a cup of berries. A few typical breakfast items to steer clear of are sugary cereals (check the labels!), pastries like muffins or scones (typically loaded with more sugar than a cupcake), and fruit juices (sometimes more sugar than regular cola). Whenever you eat breakfast, make it a good one.