WOD Monday 20160711


6min EMOM
15 Double Unders
10 Air Squats

Back Squats

July Nutrition Challenge Tip of the Day:
We talked about salad dressing in a previous tip, but let’s talk about condiments and sauces. Ketchup, which used to be my absolute favorite, is, unfortunately, loaded with sugar. Ranch is typically made with soybean oil, which is one of our no-no fats. So what should you use to garnish your favorite meals? Mustards-yellow or spicy brown-are typically made with zero sugars or any nasty oils, making them an awesome side for chicken, salads, brats, and burgers. Avocados were brought up as a good fat a few ‘tip-of-the-day’s ago, so guacamole is an amazing option for dipping veggies, on top of burgers, or enjoyed on your favorite taco salad. If you love mayonnaise or mayo-based sauces, try to find a recipe online to make your own with olive oil and then add some different spices or seasonings to make an aioli. All else fails, just throw more garlic and herbs onto your food during the cooking process to make it more flavorful from the get go.

If you have any requests for Nutrition Tips, suggest away in the comments below!