WOD Friday 20160715


50 Air Squats for time
*1min Rest
50 AbMat Situps for time

Ring Muscle Up
Squat Snatch 135/95

July Nutrition Challenge Tip of the Day:
What should you eat before working out? This depends on when you are working out. If you WOD first thing in the morning, a piece of fruit would be a good preworkout snack if you aren’t into working out fasted. If you WOD later in the day, you probably shouldn’t eat a big meal right beforehand. A simple snack like some mixed nuts and a piece of fruit about an hour before will provide plenty of energy for your workout. Also be careful with eating too many carbs for lunch; this can cause drowziness and zap your energy for your workout. Save your carbs for dinner when your body is recovering and repairing while you sleep.