July Nutrition Challenge


Today we start our July Nutrition Challenge. The 10am WOD will consist of a Nutrition Seminar followed by a bodyweight benchmark WOD. Use the next 28 days to pull in the reins on your diet to see what results can be achieved. Make sure to write your challenge goal up on the whiteboard and select a challenge partner (no SOs or BFFs please, get to know someone new) to help motivate and account for; you are never alone!

If you are unable to attend today’s seminar, head on over to the Hotel WODs page, pick a WOD to benchmark with, find a buddy the next time you are at the box, write your goal on the board, and get after it! I will provide a write up of some of the key points I discuss during the seminar and post them throughout the month.

As always I am here to help if you have any questions or concerns, please email me at crossfitconnexwi@gmail.com.

Open Gym 8:30-10
Nutrition Seminar and WOD 10-11

No Sunday Classes or Open Gym

Monday July 4th WOD at 9am