Recovery Day Thursday 20160609


Awesome work so far this week, Connex!! Great efforts with the dumbbells, sprints with the rowers, bikes, and runs, and our 14.3 retest.

Recovery Day

Open Gym 4-5:30
ROMWOD (with Bryan while Alison is on vacation) 5:30-6:30
Oly Lifting 6:30-7:30

Attention! Who wants to help Will and Kari B. move into their new home?!? On Sunday at 10am, we will be meeting at their apartment to load up a trailer and then head over to their new house to unload. Cold drinks, laughs, and friendship will be provided. A sturdy back and a smiling face is all thats required. The more people we get, the quicker it gets done, leaving us more time to hangout and enjoy each other’s company.

For details and addresses, check with Bryan, Kari, or Will B.