WOD Friday, October 30


The end of the Nutrition Challenge is upon us. I hope this was able to bring you together and help you work on sticking with a goal. I know we focus a lot on our movement in the gym, but it’s what you do for the other 23 hours of the day that is important. The idea behind this wasn’t to restrict you, but to open your eyes about the control you have on what you put into your body, and how that affects your health and performance. The workout benchmark isn’t the important thing here. It is realizing what you can do when you put your mind to it. Increases in lifts and improvements on skills can be easily seen; it’s the intangibles that you don’t see or touch, that make up most of who we are. Determination of will to say no to sugar or alcohol or fast food or donuts, stopping after the first helping of mashed potatoes, swapping the bag of Doritos for popcorn; whatever the case was for you, know where you stood before this month, and where you stand now. Could you improve? Always. Are you satisfied with how you did? That’s for you to decide.

My goal: follow a Paleo-style diet (no grains, no dairy, no alcohol, etc. Look it up if you don’t know)
My progress: I’ve lost around 8lbs during the month. I hit a 5lb Back Squat PR from last October after training mostly Triathlon for the past 8 months. I hit a 5lb snatch PR as well. My activity level didn’t increase all that much, I probably did fewer workouts than most of you. My biometric numbers were calculated mid-month and they are as good as they have been from year to year. Are there other factors that have gone into these improvements than just my diet? Most definitely. But I got back to planning my meals, making better choices when on the road, having the ability to say no to drinking while out at a bar and being alright with that. These are the real wins from the month. I ate at restaurants and had to buy food at gas stations and convenience stores, but I was mindful of what it was that I ate. I was able to go out with friends and not feel pressured to drink to ‘have a good time.’ I remembered how to be in control of myself and decide which options are the best for what my goals are.

You can do the same. If you did the same, congratulations. If you didn’t, there is nothing to be mad about. You tried; and you are aware of the struggles. You come to the gym to practice and get better. Do the same in life. Practice every day to be a better you, regardless of the standards.

WOD (compare time from 10/3 or 10/5)
5 Rounds
250m Row
25 Box Jumps 24/20
25 Wall Balls 20/14

We will perform the workout as heats as needed. 6pm class will be similar to Happy Hour WOD or the Open, come spectate and cheer each other on. Bring snacks and beverages to enjoy, then stick around for Froning: Fittest Man in History.