October Nutrition Challenge!


Listen up, Connex!

It’s been a bit since we did a nutrition challenge, so I thought, “Why not kick one off before the holidays start up?” This challenge will help us work on developing better habits and work on our self control a bit. This will be a little different than typical challenges, but will be just as rewarding.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, I want you to pick a nutrition goal for yourself. Maybe it’s to eliminate soda or alcohol. Maybe you want to try out Paleo or the Whole 30. Maybe you want to build the perseverance to say no to the donuts in the break room or cut out the frequent visits to your coworker’s candy dish. Determine a goal for yourself and write it down. Bring that goal with you on Saturday, October 3rd. We will start the challenge with a benchmark workout. This will set the bar to see how our performance changes along with the improvements to our nutrition. Prior to the workout, you will select a partner (who isn’t a significant other) and they will be your Nutrition Challenge Buddy. Select someone you may not interact with much and get to know them a little better. You will want to develop a way to chat with each other, whether via phone number, email, or Facebook. Throughout the month, whenever you need a boost of motivation to stick with your goal, reach out to your NC Buddy. If you are feeling inspired throughout your day, send an encouraging message their way. Make sure you check in each week with your Buddy to discuss things that are going well and things that aren’t going so well–we’re human, after all. On Saturday, October 31, we will hit the benchmark workout again and celebrate with some Halloween festivities.

If you need any advice on goal-setting, please let me know and I’d be glad to provide some ideas.

Nutrition is the foundation of our health and athletic performance. Let’s take the initiative to improve on the most important aspect of our fitness.


15 Minutes to establish 1RM Clean + Jerk

Shoulder to Overhead 95/65
Lateral Burpee Bar Hop