WOD Wednesday, July 8

5-5-3-3-2 Deadlift

10min EMOM
4 Burpees
6 Jumping Lunges
8 Air Squats

Get excited Connex! Our float trip is this Saturday!


The cheapest bus was a 47 person bus! Sooooo…if you have any friends who would like to join please feel free to invite them! We will definitely have the space!

The bus will be at Connex to pick us up at 10:00.

Here are a couple of things you guys need to bring with you for the float trip:
– Cooler for drinks (NO GLASS BOTTLES)
– Eat a great breakfast and/or bring food with you! I would advise both! This is a long day and you will want food in your belly!!! Alison said she wouldn’t be sharing her Oreos this year, so plan accordingly.
– SUN SCREEN! Lots of it! sun glasses and towel (you can leave belongings on the bus if you want).

– Cash for the tubing
* Bus- 20$ per person- if you bring any additional people who are not on the list please still have them pay for the bus rental. We had to extend the rental so the extra people will help cover the additional costs. Thanks! 🙂
* Tubing- $13
* Cooler Tube- $5
– The bus will bring us back to Connex after our day of floating.

Also, if you were planning on coming tubing but did not want to do take the bus, here is information for where we will be going. The bus will likely arrive to the floating spot at around 11:00.

S and B Tubing
100 East Main Street
Albany, WI 53502

Get excited guys! This was one of the highlights of summer last year!