Team WOD Saturday

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The design is still a work in progress but here is a little teaser of what is to come! I will hopefully have final designs put together by Monday.

In the means time lets start putting our order together. I would like to try and get our ladies their shirts in time for them to rock them during the Femme Royal CF comp on June 28th. This means that I will need everything from you guys no later then Friday, June 12. smile emoticon

This is how it works. All shirts are 20 dollars (mens, ladies, and crops). I need money IN AN ENVELOPE on the office desk with your NAME- SIZE- QUANTITY written on the outside of the envelope.

Thanks so much Connex! These will be AWESOME!


Team WOD Saturday!

Hey Guys- super sorry for the late notice but there will not be OPEN gym this weekend!  We will still have Team @ 10:00!
Big thank you to Jenna for taking over Saturday!!! 🙂


Also- if anyone of our ladies are on the fence about competing at the Femme Royal Comp on June 28th it looks like we are gonna have a solid group representing Connex!  WODs will be released on June 1st so you can check it out and see what division you would be comfortable competing in.  This is a GREAT way to get your feet wet in the competition seen while being surrounded and supported by your friends and teammates.