WOD Saturday, March 28



Save the Date: Friday, April 24
Where: iCombat!
When: 4/24/15 @ 6:30

Hey Connex- so the plan is to head over to iCombat after the 5:00 pm class on Friday, April 24. (yes, this does mean there will be no 6:00 pm class that day!) iCombat is laser tag to the next level!   This new attraction is designed to allow teams to duke it out using realistic equipment with live noise and recoil.  The evening will include completing in several thrilling missions.   You will become fully immersed in the arena featuring incredible sound, lighting, and realism on a realistic Hollywood set of a modern military base.
We will sign up as the group CrossFit Connex.  The fee per person is 30$.  You will have to go onto their website and register and sign up to claim your space that evening.
After iCombat we will head over to the bar, Funk for some grub!
For more information and for registration visit http://madison.icombat.com



Team WOD Saturday!

Reminder: Open gym tomorrow does not start till 1:00!