WOD Monday, March 9

Reflections on 15.2 (and 14.2): 10 points, Friend or Foe?


By Laura L.

I remember this time last year; I was all jazzed up about the open. It was my first time participating and the way it brought everyone together was amazing. Putting the newbies and the seasoned veterans from all over the WORLD on the same playing field. It showed me how much this sport is really about community and growth, and most importantly fun! It was an electric feeling knowing that all the CrossFit gyms across the country were doing that same workout as me, they were right there suffering with me in spirit.

Specifically thinking about week two last year; we had just come off 14.1 an AMRAP of DU and 55 lbs snatches. It was an awesome first workout because, even as a newbie, I could do it! Two movements that we at Connex know SO well and could all crush it. And we did crush it! It was a lot like this year’s 15.1; an AMRAP of T2B, light DL, and snatches. It was a great first workout to get your blood pumping and into the open. Even for the newbies this year, you could participate and feel that energy. It opens up a whole new perspective and type of fun at the gym.

Then they announced 14.2 (or 15.2 considering they are identical workouts!) OHS followed by CHEST TO BAR pull ups. Ugh. I remember looking at that WoD and just feeling the slightest bit of deflation in my level of intensity for the open. I knew I was only going to get 10 reps. TEN REPS. I would be working out for 30 seconds and then have to stop. I was a little bit pissed and I allowed that to stay for a day or two.

Then Friday rolled around and we did the workout. It was still an amazing night at the box! You got to see people attaining new goals and reaching new height, you don’t have to lose your intensity or talk down to yourself about not necessarily being able to be the best. And yes, I did only get ten reps and yes technically I had to stop that ONE WORKOUT around 1 minute in BUT those 10 points were my best friend. I knew after that workout what I wanted to do; I wanted to really haul as and push myself for the next 12 months so that when the open came around again, like it always does, I would be ready.

I did not let those 10 reps be my enemy, they did not stop me from continuing to come to the gym the following three weeks and put my heart into every workout of the open. Not only that, but I continued to come to Connex for the next 11 months. Not without some breaks here and there, we all have life to deal with and it catches up with us sometimes but I STUCK with it. I knew it would be worth it.

Then 15.2 rolls around, and what do you know?! It is that damn OHS and C2B work out again. But this time; I did not get deflated, I got excited! Because I knew that I worked my ass off and now was my chance to show myself what I am capable of and what CrossFit had done for me. My goal going into the workout last Friday was to get 88 reps. I ended up with 124!

Do not let this workout define you, deflate you, or make you feel badly about yourself or your abilities. Let it encourage you, light your fire, and push you to become the best version of yourself!

Those 10 points were not my foe, they were my friend and they helped lead me to where I’ve gotten today!

Great work to everyone who did 15.2!  and a huge congrats to all the PRs and folks who now have pull ups or C2Bs in their tool kit!  So awesome!
OPEN athletes- don’t forget to submit scores!

It looks like we may have some nice weather heading our way!  Be sure to pack an extra layer incase there is some running in warm up or your WOD! 🙂

A giant thank you to Rob for putting together are new rig extensions!  They are awesome!
A giant thank you to Rob for putting together are new rig extensions! They are awesome!

Front Squats 6×2- on a 1:30 clock
Sets 1-2 (75-80%)
Sets 3-4 (80-85%)
Sets 5-6 (85-90%)

4 rounds on a 5 min clock
30 Burpees
20 OH lunges (135/95)
*record fastest and slowest time
If your time exceeds 5 min- scale accordingly!