Team WOD Saturday, March 7


I am so pumped that there was been so much interest in the gymnastics clinic!
We have decided to top the clinic off at 15 people.  This means that if you have signed up and can not make it, please make sure to let us know.  We already have two folks on a wait list, so there are athletes who are eager to get in on this if you are not able to be there!

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Also!  Incase you are not on Facebook, or maybe just missed the post- Drea has made the movie open for all to see!!!!
Click here!
If the link does not work, I am sorry!- be sure to check it out on FB! She has done a spectacular job!



Team WOD Saturday!

Great work to the folks who have gotten their 15.2 WODs in!  It was a super exciting day at the box!  Many new WOD PRs and many athletes getting their first pull ups or first chest to bar pull ups this year!  It was an awesome day!  Good luck to all of you who will be getting in your WOD on Sunday!  Crush it!

Open gym schedule for the weekend:
Saturday: 8:30-10:00
Sunday: 9:30-11:30