WOD Monday, February 23


7 rounds
:30 seconds of max Clean and Jerk (135/95)
:30 sec rest
* Score is total reps completed Clean = 1 rep, Jerk = 1 rep

6 min AMRAP
10 cals on the rower
5 lateral burpees over rower (if you are more comfortable turning and facing the rower- thats ok!)

rest 3 min

6 min AMRAP
7 toes to bar
7 box jumps

* The OPEN starts this week!  *
Reminder- Starting this week we will be programming OPEN WODs on Fridays.  Class time from 5:00-7:00 pm, during these next five weeks, will be designated to getting our OPEN athletes through their WODs and judged successfully.  ALL Athletes WODing during this time (OPEN athletes and non OPEN athletes) will sign up for a heat time upon arrival and be responsible for warming themselves up before they get after their WOD.  Athletes who are not registered for the OPEN  can come to WOD at this time, but please understand that our OPEN athletes will be the priority during these hours, you will also likely be asked to help out with judging or simply asked to  aid in the running of heats and WODs.
If you are participating in the OPEN or not, your support and encouragement would be much appreciated by all of the athletes!  It is the cheers and enthusiasm that you guys bring that will make these next five weeks an incredible experience for everyone.  I hope that all of you are planning to be at the box to cheer your friends on and help Connex athletes dominate these upcoming workouts!  This is an exciting time to be a CFer and we want as many people to be a part of it as possible!
Let’s get it Connex!!!!