WOD Monday, February 16


UnBroken DUs
Sit ups
10 min Cut off

Power Clean (135/95)
KBS (70/55)
25 min DNF


Incase you missed the CrossFit Open Meeting on Saturday here is a recap of what we talked about.
Also- it is not to late to decide to get in on the fun of the CrossFit Open!  This is a great opportunity to get a feel for a CF competition in the comfort of Connex.  I encourage everyone to consider participating.  You will be surprised and impressed with what the Open can bring out of you as an athlete.  The Open is truly designed for everyone no mater your experience or ability.  With a scaled and RXed division there is truly a spot for every athlete in this years Open.

Game Day
* The Open officially starts on Thursday, February 26.  It is a five week long competition with 1 WOD being announced a week.
* WODs will be programmed on the Friday of every week.
* We will start OPEN heats during the 5:00 pm class and they will run continuously through the evening until every athlete has completed their WOD
* Every athlete will need to have their WOD judged by a fellow Connex athlete.  Only athletes who are hoping to make a run for Regionals will need to have their WOD judged by a registered Judge.
* please be prepared to help each other out on Friday nights with judging.  Kinda a pay it forward system we will use to get everyone through.
* Athletes will be responsible for warming up on their own.  There will be a recommended warm up on the whitewash board, but make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to prepare yourself for your WOD.
* If you can not make it the evening Open WOD times, then it will be your responsibility as the athlete to find another time to complete your WOD as well as find a judge who can help you.
* Scores  need to be inputed into the system by Monday night by 7:00 pm.  If scores are not inputed into the system by the cut off time, then your score can not be validated.  I would suggest not waiting till the final hour to input your scores, just incase anything goes wonky with the system.

Helpful Hints
* Be sure to watch the standards video before coming in on Friday
* Familiarize yourself with the movements before you WOD
* Talk to your judge before starting your WOD.  The judge is there to simply count reps, and to let you know if you are reaching standards.  But it always helps to give your judge a little run through of your movements to make sure that they will reach standard and that you are both on the same page as far as reps and counting.
* This is a 5 week competition!  It is a long- be sure to take care of yourself during this time.  Get plenty of sleep, eat properly, and consider your loading during the week.  Having a rest day or lighter day on Thursday is a great way to go into your OPEN WOD fresh and ready to crush.
* If you are planning on making up a WOD during open gym or class on Monday please make sure you have talked to someone about judging, and if you are planning on doing the WOD during class time, please clear it with the coach who is coaching that class.