WOD Friday, February 27


Hey Connex!  So it is finally here!  After months/weeks of hype, the OPEN is upon us!  For the next five weeks you will be presented with a new challenge that will test your skills, strength, and mental fortitude.  As we travel through these next 5 weeks there will be many elements of this competition that are out of your control.  But there are somethings we can do to help us perform at the top of our game.

Here are a couple of things to think about as your begin this 5 week journey.

1.  Breathing– Before your WOD, during the day, when you get to the box, during your warm up, and right before you hear the 3.2.1, I want you to think about your breathing.  When we are in a state of high anxiety we often taken very short and shallow breaths which does not allow our body to take in an optimal level of oxygen which obviously is not a good thing leading up to your workout.  What I would like you to think about is actively slowing down your breathing using a count of 5 second to take air in, and another 5 seconds to let the air out.  Follow this cycle several times to allow the calming effects to set in.  We have all heard Coach Kief say- control your breath, control your workout- this applies PreWOD as well!

2.  Visualization– The Thursday night WOD announcements allows you some time for visualization.  I want you guys to visualize your self completing the WOD.  When you are laying down before bedtime or if you have a couple of minutes during you day, visually take yourself through the WOD.  The more detailed you can be during this process the better.  Start from the beginning.  What will you wear, what will the gym smell like, what will it sound like, how will you feel through your warm up, what will you be doing for warm up, and how will feel through the different stages of your workout.  see yourself completing the movements, feel yourself going through the WOD.  See yourself being successful. See yourself achieving your goal.

3.  Trust yourself, trust your training- Do not overthink your performance.  There will be tons of videos and articles out there talking strategy and tips.  Every athlete is different.  A WOD plan that works great for me, maybe the worst idea of someone else.  I suspect that the movements we are given during these next 5 weeks will all be things that you have seen before.  You all know what you are doing.  Allow your body to do what it does best.  You guys all have solid mechanics, you guys are all strong, and you all have bad ass gas tanks.  Now it is up to you to chase the pain!

4.  Positive Self Affirmations- These next five weeks can be extremely stressful, and often lead to the negative self talk of….”I am not strong enough.” “I am not fast enough.” “I have not trained enough.”  I suggest that everyone choose three positive self affirmations that they can repeat to themselves throughout the day and also when they are prepping for the WOD.  “I am a strong athlete.” “I have the the heart and determination of a lion.”  Making this positive self talk habit will allow you to go into every WOD feeling good about yourself which will only result in a better performance.

5.  Positive Mantra– Have a positive mantra.  This is different then your positive self affirmation.  Your mantra should be short and sweet.  Something that you can say quickly to yourself when you feel any sort of negativity setting in.  Something as simple as “I’ve got this.” or “Do your thing.”  Use these quick powerful positive mantras when perhaps your WOD is not going as planned.  Maybe you came off the bar earlier then planned during a set of pull ups, or had to break your WBs up into more sets then you anticipated.  This quick mantra can help keep you focused and not allow your mind to begin down a spiraling path of negativity.

6.  Environment– Try your best to put yourself in positive environments and situations leading up to your WODs.  Do things that day that make you happy and feel good.  Take time for yourself that puts you in a state of happiness.  Place yourself in situations that make you feel good, make you feel positive, and assure you that you are going to reach every goal you have set for yourself in your upcoming WOD.

7.  Reflection– After every WOD take some time to reflect on your performance.  What were your results.  Did you perform better or worse then expected.  Take a look at what you did that day, what you ate, how much sleep you got, how you warmed up, what music you listened to.  Take note of what you thought worked well.  What helped you to be the best athlete you could be today, and perhaps what things during your pre WOD preparation may have held you back.  Use this reflection to help make you a smarter athlete in your next WOD.

Ok so I hope that you find some of these tips and strategies helpful!  Good luck and have fun!
Lets crush this first WOD!!!!