WOD Monday, January 5


Ok Connex!  so we are quickly approaching on a very exciting time of year in the CF world….the CrossFit Open!  The open is the first phase of the CF games, which finishes with the CF Games in Carson California, something you may have seen on ESPN.  Millions of  CFers around the world participate in the Open which is a 5 week online competition.  It unties CFers from all walks of life by pushing each of us to our limits and showing each individual athlete just how much they have to give.  Starting in late February, CF will release one WOD a week for five weeks.  Athletes have about 4 days to get the WOD done and score inputed into the online system.  The open will be a part of CFC weekly programming during these 5 weeks.  The open has always been designed to allow for participation from all levels of athletes.  They have however made one major change to the Open this year by adding in an additional scaled division to the competition.
Connex, the open is a ton of fun and something that everyone at the box should considering being a part of this year!
Registration opens on the January 15 and the first WOD will be released on February 26!
For more information go to http://games.crossfit.com.

5 color

Working on a 3 min clock
6 rounds
5 thrusters (135/95)
10 bar facing burpees
50 DUs
Score will be fastest round and slowest round