WOD Monday, Dec 1

Holiday Row for Cal challenge!!  


So here is the deal!  The holiday season has officially begun which means that your workout schedule is sometimes put on the back burner because of holiday festivities!  The coaches at Connex wanted to encourage the Connex community to stay active and dedicated to your training this season- so here is your Holiday Row for Cal Challenge:

Starting on Monday, Dec 1 we are going to see who can accumulate the most cals rowed.  These are the rules- every time you attend a class here at Connex , including Open Gym, CF class, PiYo, or Olympic Lifting, each athlete will be rewarded with three minutes to row as many cals as they can.   We will keep a cumulative score of cals rowed by each athlete on the white wash board by the back office.  Your three minutes of rowing must be completed outside of class time and consecutively.  Once your three minute clock starts no pausing stopping the clock.  We will award one female and one male as the winners of this challenge on Tuesday, Dec 23.

So come in often, row hard, and win this challenge!!!
Happy Holidays Connex!!!!

Reminder:  Connex Holiday Happy Hour WOD- Friday Dec 12 @ 6:00 pm


Front Squat (135/95)