WOD Friday, December 12


Happy Holidays!!!!
Happy Hour WOD Friday!

Hooray!  We made it!  It is Friday and to make this Friday even better, it is our Happy Hour Holiday WOD!

So you guys all know that at 6:00 pm we have our Holiday Happy Hour WOD followed by our white elephant gift exchange and some shared spirits at a near by bar.  (most likely the Great Dane on Fish Hatch)  In honor of this festive day we will be doing a CrossFit favorite- “12 Days of Christmas!”  So not only is this an epic WOD, it is extra important because your WOD time will determine your white elephant pick later in the evening!  So work hard and fast through your WOD!  If we get a big group at 6:00 pm we may have to run heats to be sure that everyone has enough equipment and room.  If you would like to start your Happy Hour early- come at 5:00 and get your WOD done early!  This also means that unlike other happy hour WODs- that all classes today will be rocking out the same WOD!   Good luck today!  Have fun!  And hope to see everyone, WODing or not WODing, at the box at 6:00 pm in their festive attire, ready to celebrate the holiday in Connex style!


12 Days of Christmas
1. HSPU/ Wall Climb
2. Clean (115/75)
3. Push press
4. Front squat
5. KBS (70/55)
6. Pull Up
7. Burpee
8. Toe 2 bar
9. wall ball
10. box jumps
11. snatches
12. thrusters
* this WOD is performed just like the song which means get those game faces on!