Rest Day Thursday, December 18

If you don't know who this is....then you def need to be coming on Thursday evening at 6:30 pm!!!
If you don’t know who this is….then you def need to be at Connex on Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm!!!

CFCs final class on Thursday evenings is designed to give all of our athletes a designated time in the schedule to stretch and mobilize.  An athlete who does not take the time to care for their body in this way is honestly limiting their success in the gym.  Lack of mobility or pain from over stressed joints prohibits you from training at the top of your game.  Alison designs every class with the goal of helping CFC athletes become more efficient CFers and stronger lifters.  Thursday at 6:30 is a class for any athlete looking to up their game in the gym!

Here are some reasons why you guys all need to be doing mobility on Thursday evenings:

By engaging every joint in your body the correct way you drastically decrease your chance of injury. With full joint mobility, there is very little of the “out of position” awkwardness that’s at the heart of many injuries. Too often, injuries occur because we make sudden movements along incorrect joints – twisting with the lumbar spine instead of the thoracic spine, for example – due to lack of joint mobility.

It increases the efficiency of your movements. Learning how to move your joints along their predetermined pathways means smooth, clean, unimpeded movement. When you pick up something heavy with your hips instead of your lower back, your only impediment is the weight itself; there are no structural deficiencies getting in your way and making it even harder and the risk of injury even higher. You still have to work against the load, but your efficiency is no longer hamstrung by the use of the wrong joints in the wrong places.

It increases your performance. Understanding the proper role of each joint and muscle group – and how to engage and activate them in your movements – results in massive performance gains. Your bench press will soar once you grasp the importance of the shoulder blade retraction; your vertical leap will jump once you learn to start extending your hips. And besides, you can’t expect to perform on any level if you’re sidelined with a mobility-related injury or if your movements are grossly inefficient.

It will increase your range of motion – your active flexibility. Static flexibility has its place, but for an athlete (or anyone moderately active, really), mobility is far more important. It’s similar to the question of isolation exercises versus compound exercises. Which are more applicable to the real world? Which more effectively mimic the movements you’ll make in your daily life? Static stretches are a bit like isolation exercises, while mobility prepares you for the rigors of real movement.

I hope to see you guys all there!

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Rest Day!
Open Gym from 4:00-5:30
Olympic Lifting- 5:30-6:30
Stretching and Mobility- 6:30-7:30