WOD Friday, November 28


Calling all Connex athletes!  

On Tuesday, December 2 we are going to be using the 4:30 and 5:30 CF/OLY classes for the filming of the our latest and greatest Connex film!  Drea is going to be creating a film that highlights the amazing aspects of CFC and will be submitting this video into the CF headquarters video contest.  In order for her to make this video award winning, she needs our help.  If Tuesdays are not your normal WOD day, we would love for you to try and make it to the box that evening!  We need as many of our stellar CFC athletes to be featured in our  new film!  So come ready to work hard and show off your CrossFit skills!

Thank you in advanced to everyone who can make it on Tuesday to help out!


Team WOD at 9:00 am today!!!