WOD Wednesday, October 29

Halloween Change of Schedule!!!!!
Friday is Halloween! We will be canceling the 6:00 pm class on Friday, October 31. Hand out candy, celebrate, and have a good time!!!


This Sunday is our first session of CrossFit Teens!  They will be meeting on Sunday from 2:00-3:00!  We are so excited to introduce Madison teens to such a fun and functional way to reach their fitness goals!  It will be awesome to witness these young athletes reach new heights in what they thought was possible!  If you know of any local teens wanting to try something new, or who are looking to have an edge in their sport of choice, be sure to let them know about this new CFC program!

For more information click here
For registration click here

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Hey Connex- so it looks like we have a lot of athletes who are interested in Ragnar! Possibly more then 1 team worth of runners! This is so exciting! We needed 12 folks for the team and it looks like we have a possible 14 athletes who are interested! If you are really on board please let me know by brining in payment by Nov 7. If it looks like we are pulling more then 12 then we will start to rally for two teams and still have 3 weeks to pull it together! Individual event registration payment is 112.00. This does not cover the expense of the groups travel vans. That is something we will need to take care of as a team as well.

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Back Squats
3-2-1 (65%-75%-85%)
3-2-1 (75%-85%-btw 90-95%)
1-1-1 (stay at the same weight between 90-95%)

2 rounds
4 min AMRAP- Burpee Box Jump Over
3 min AMRAP- KBS (70/55)
2 min AMRAP- Thruster (95/65)

rest 3 min between the 1st and 2nd round