WOD Wednesday, October 15

It looks like we are going to be putting together another apparel ordered. This means that if you would like a zip up, t shirt, or pull over hoodie its not too late! Bring your order to the box by Friday if you want in!
Hey Connex! If you are looking to put your CrossFit fitness to the test check out this upcoming Spartan Race in Milwaukee in just a couple of weeks! The race is a 3 mile obstacle course throughout the stadium and is being held on Saturday Nov 1st. These races are fun and challenging and promise to show off all the amazing strength and endurance gains you have made through your CF training.

If this is something you are interested in doing, don’t worry you won’t be alone. Shannon F. is looking for some badass Connex athletes to join her! She has registered under Team Figaro and their start time is 9:30AM.

unknown and unknowable!


Front Squat 4×3
with a 4 second negative, 2 second hold, fast on the way up

3 rounds
1 min row for cals
1 min squat snatch
1 min row for cals
1 min OHS
Rest 2 min