WOD Friday, October 24

Open Gym this Sunday from 11:00-1:00! See you all there : )

You guys have all been so patient while we try and nail down the new schedule changes.   Thank you so much for being understanding and providing us feedback as we try and figure out class times that are best for the community and coaches. So far it seems as though pushing the 4:00 pm class back to 4:30 has been a great change to the schedule!

We have a couple more changes to announce. Tuesday 5:00 am class as well as the 12:00 Wednesday and Friday classes have not had much of a following in these last two months. So we will be pulling those classes from the schedule, HOWEVER we are excited about trying out a Tuesday 6:00 am class! Hooray! Our 6:00 am morning crew has rallied the troops so we will give this a try and see how it runs. Today will be our last Friday noon class until there is more interest expressed from the community. Tuesday 6:00 am CF class will begin on Tuesday, October 28.

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Ok Connex Runners! Who wants to do a 200ish mile relay next summer!?! Connex is putting a team together to complete the Chicago Ragnar race!  A Ragnar relay is something that I have wanted to do for a long time and no other folks that I would want to do it with then CFC athletes! So who is game!?!
Chicago Ragnar Relay
From Madison to Chicago
June 12-13
Pre-Registration is going on now until December.
Race entry is ~$112 per person and can have up to 12 people on the team.  So far we have about 7 Connex athletes who are ready to take on this challenge!  Who else wants to join us!?!

Em needs to pay for the entire team at once so those who are on board please help her out by bringing in your payment before Nov 15.  No worries, if we do not fill the entire team by then, we will continue to recruit teammates, but have a still secured spot. 


For more information go to http://ragnarrelay.com/race/chicago


Alison and Gill showing off their handstand skills while in the DR!
Alison and Gill showing off their handstand skills while in the DR!

WOD- TBA at gym! 🙂