Rest Day Thursday, October 9


Hey Connex-  so we have been wanting to make some changes to the class schedule, but wanted to be sure to get your input before anything changes.  I have created a couple of separate polls on FaceBook so please be sure to place your vote!!!  Click here
Some other possible changes if  will be
– Canceling Tuesday @ 5:00 am
– Canceling Wed and Friday @ 12:00
We are happy to keep these classes on the schedule if their is continued interest in them.  If you would like to see these classes to stick around, be sure to let us know by attending class at these times! 🙂
Thanks guys!  If there is something else you would like to see on the schedule let us know and we are happy to look into it!


Rest Day!  or come to Olympic Lifting and/or PiYo this evening!