WOD Tuesday, September 23



Couple of reminders:
1. T-shirt and hoodie orders are due to coach Em by Wednesday at 7:30 pm
2. Water WOD is this weekend! We currently have the Oregon pool rented for 1 hour. Coach Em is having some trouble getting swim coaching but is still working on it! She will keep you guys posted! Regardless, we will waterWOD and it will be AWESOME!!!
3. If you are looking for a competition to do this fall we have a couple of athletes who are registered for the Combat in the Creek on Saturday October 11. To find out more click here
.  The weather is starting to turn a little cooler- be sure to bring appropriate clothing to run outside!  Our running months are limited so we gotta use um while we got um!
5.  Yes- we have class on Wed and Friday at 12:00!

10 min- OMEM- strict press- go up in weight each minute
take 75% of 1 rep max from the above workout and complete two sets of max reps

13 min AMRAP
800 meter run
2 box jumps
2 pull ups
4 box jumps
4 pull ups
6 box jumps
6 pull ups
* score is total reps