WOD Saturday, September 6


Team WOD Saturday!!!

Lots going on this weekend!
All the Connex athletes who are participating in Tough Mudder this weekend, have so much fun and a great race!  You guys are going to do great!  Your strength, determination, and grit will carry you guys over that finish line with ease!  Go crush it!  We can’t wait to hear all about it!

Also- The Madison Ironman race is going on this weekend.  If you have time on Sunday go out and cheer these athletes on!  I know any and all cheers are much appreciated!
Kief, Laura L. and I will be volunteering at aid station 6  (UW Lot #60) from around 1:00-5:00, if anyone wants to come cheer with us.

Open Gym tomorrow from 10:00-12:00!