WOD Monday, September 15


Cocktails at Connex was a total success on Friday evening!  Thank you so much to everyone who came and even brought some friends along with them!  I hope everyone had a great time!  Who else is game for making this a regular event!?!

On some other very exciting news we are eager to announce our next nutritional challenge.

Fabulous Feasting: Fall Nutrition Challenge

Start Date: Monday, October 5
Sign up by: Friday, September 26
Kick Off Meeting: Saturday, October 4

With fall harvest upon us it’s time for another nutrition challenge! This program is going to be run by CrossFit Connex’s very own Fil.  Fil  just completed a nutrition coaching program and is psyched to work with everyone on making lasting dietary improvements.

This program will be unlike any we have run before here at Connex.  The program will start Monday, October 5 and will run 8 weeks. The approach is Paleo-friendly, but is compatible with other dietary philosophies. Each participant will set their own goals based on where you are and what you hope to accomplish, but the idea is to focus on simple yet fundamental changes that can become permanent new habits for you. As with Crossfit, group support, measurement of progress and personal integrity will be the foundation of everything we do throughout this challenge.

Cost will be $25/ person and will include:
* initial assessment & goal setting
* weekly 30 minute workshop
* recipes and food prep tips of the week
* group activities such as a potluck, kitchen makeover, grocery store trip (if there is interest)
* ongoing personal coaching/ Q & A with Fil as needed
* pre and post physical fitness assessment
* final assessment and a KICK-ASS PRIZE for the biggest transformation

(Since we’re ending right around Thanksgiving, there may also be a special bonus session on healthy holiday meals.)

Please sign up with Coach Em by Friday, September 26 if you are interested!


3 sets
Floor Press-6-8 reps
Max rep pull up

2 Rounds
30 Front Squats (95/65)
500 meter row
30 KBS (70/55)
500 meter row

After Party
5 minutes spent with the lacrosse balls (shoulders, IT bands, chest, back)