WOD Tuesday, August 26

We are starting something new in the programing. We are adding in an After Party to our daily work. Completion of your after party is up to you. We will not always designate time at the end of class for you to get this done, so if it is something you would like to complete, most often it will mean sticking around for a couple of more minutes after class. The main goal of these after parties will be to work on mobility, core and gymnastics strength. It will often be more focused toward on gymnastics skills, rather then heavy lifting (but ya never know!).  Think of this as extra credit.  Its great if you can get it in, but don’t stress if you don’t have the extra time after class.  Also remember that if another class has begun, then they do get priority to the space, so please be flexible about working around each other.

Cheers to day 1 of After Parties!

Just incase you need some extra motivation here is a great lyrical number to get you in the After Party spirit! 🙂

6×3 Push Jerk- Every two min, going up in weight

20 min AMRAP
45 Double Unders
3 Power Cleans (185/125)
6 ring dips (strict if you have them)
9 C 2  bar pull ups
* Rest 1 min between rounds

After Party
40 hanging hip touches