WOD Tuesday, August 19

In honor of my two year crossfit anniversary this month– #tbt my first crossfit workout in Carrboro, NC. I walked into the gym that Saturday with my head held high, ready to annihilate my first workout. At that time, I had been a competitive runner for about 11 years. I had run 3 marathons, ran club cross-country and track in college, and frequently won or placed in my age group in 10Ks or mile races. I knew pain and what it was like to push past the threshold. How hard could crossfit be?

My first crossfit workout included over-the box box jumps, burpees, and dumbbell shoulder to overhead with 10 pound weights. I left that Saturday hardly being able to bend to sit in my car and drive off. I was so sore for the next five days I could not complete my one week free trial at the gym. I was woefully humbled by the workout that day. I had been challenged and pushed mentally to a place I had never visited doing tempo runs or interval workouts. I was a person that always thought of herself as fit and able to tackle most athletic challenges. Yet, here I was heaving after doing 5 burpees in a row. What did this make me now? August 2012 began my crossfit love.

Two years later, I have gained 12 pounds, and lost 3.5-4% body fat. Stronger, faster and leaner– I am lifting more weight now than I ever imagined my body could handle and laying down mile paces I never dreamed of, even when I was running 50-60 miles a week. I feel more of an athlete now than I ever have. It has been an incredibly journey, and I am excited to see where the road will take me. To many more years of crossfit and Connex!

**Does anyone else have a TBT CrossFit pic and story?

5 rounds
30 sec hip extension on GHD (can be weighted if you would like)
rest 30
30 sec hallow hold
rest 30 sec

10 rounds
1 min to complete
40 Double unders
with remaining time AMRAP squat clean (155/115)
* score is total squat cleans completed
rest for 1 min between rounds