WOD Friday, August 22


Hey guys!  September is quickly approaching and we got a lot of exciting stuff happening at next month at Connex!
1. Kiefs Olympic Lifiting Class is back! Hooray! Starting Tuesday, September 2 coach Kief will be back to take over his OLY class and get us all back under some heavy weight again! Olympic Lifiting class is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-6:30.
2. Our Strength and Endurance program starts up on on Tuesday, September 2 as well!! Join Connex and Madison Multisport this fall for a unique, fun, and challenging training program that blends endurance and strength training to help you reach your running potential. Practices will be on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at Connex at 6:00 am and on then on Sundays at 7:3o am. Sunday practices will be held at different locations around Madison.  You can find out more about this program at the Connex Endurance page on our website!
3. Connex will be hosting our first ladies night , Cocktails at Connex, on Friday September 12! This event is open to anyone so please feel free to bring friends and loved ones. Channel your inner workout Diva and wear your most fabulous workout gear! Come ready to work hard, meet some other strong and fabulous women, and kick off your weekend CrossFit style.  We will start warming up for our WOD around 6:30 and then plan to stick around for some spirits afterwards.
4. Potentially another swim WOD on Saturday, September 27 if we can get enough interest from folks. Be sure to sign up on the right hand side of the white wash board.


Front Squats
6-4-2 (60%-70%-80%)
6-4-2 (70%-80%-90%
4-4 (85%-85%)

5 rounds
5 clusters (155/105)
15 toes to bar
200 meter run (street and back)