Rest Day, Thursday August 28


Saturday, September 27
@ 4:30 at the Oregon Community Pool

Hey guys!  So I would love to schedule another WaterWOD, but I would like to do this one a little differently then last time.  I would like to rent the pool for two hours and designate some of our pool time to swim instruction.  If we have enough interest in this, I would really like to even bring in a swim coach to help coach us and smooth out our strokes.  To provide the extra pool time, as well as the coaching, this does mean, that the cost will be a little higher then our last swim WOD.  If this is something you guys are interested in be sure to sign up on the right hand side of the white wash board.  You do not need to be a triathlete or an experienced swimmer to join in on this WOD, it is for everyone!   WaterWOD is a great way to challenge yourself a little differently then what we are used to here at the box, and really push yourself in a new way.  Please sign up by September 10 if you are interested!


Rest Day. Enjoy!

Open gym today from 4:00-6:30- Don’t forget that starting next week Kief will be back to teach Olympic Lifting class on Tuesday and Thursdays from 5:30-6:30 pm.   Kief’s classes are a wonderful way to really focus in on your lifting skills as well as develop strength.  The lifting drills and the extra reps really help to elevate the level of technique used by athletes of all experience levels.

Reminder: PiYo is cancelled this evening.  Our bendy/flexi PiYo instructor is on vacation!  Safe Travels Alison! Also- we will be bringing PiYo back inside starting Thursday, September 4.