Rest Day Sunday, August 17


Open Gym today from 1:00-3:30

I understand any frustration that you may have that open gym has not been regularly scheduled this summer.  There is however ALWAYS open gym on Thursdays which is not being utilized by many folks right now.  As far as Open Gym on Sunday, if athletes ask for Open Gym on Sunday, I try my hardest to make it happen. I want to give you the time to work on skills and become stronger CFers. As your coach, friend, and teammate, I want you to get in the training that you need and that you want. It is however frustrating, when I come to the gym for two hours on Sunday and no one shows, especially those who have asked for me to be there. If you want it, and you ask for it, recognize I have made your training my priority- now I need YOU to make YOUR training YOUR priority.

So today there will be open gym from 1:00-3:30.  I apologize for the change in time, but Kief and I are volunteering in the AM.