Rest Day Thursday, July 24

Come join us for another Stand-Up paddle board class! We had such a great time last week, we had to do it again!!!


Em and Kief will be volunteering at Ironman WI on Sunday, July 7.  They will be stationed at Run Aid Station 6 – UW Campus Lot 60 from 11:30-4:00.  They would love for Connex folks to join them!!!

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There has been some talk about CrossFit Comps coming up.  Both the Farmhand challenge hosted by CrossFit Farmland (August 23), and the Summer Galt Games hosted by Atlas Crossfit (Aug 16-17) our both coming up this summer!  The farmhand challenge is a team event with coed teams of four.  There are both RX and scaled divisions.  The Galt games has both a team and an individual comp in both the RX and Scaled divisions.  Lets get some Connex representation at these awesome events.